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Total Eclipse of the Moon April 14-15

  • Riverwood Conservancy 300 Riverwood Park Ln Mississauga Canada (map)

It looks like bad weather will prevent us from observing the lunar eclipse tonight. We'll try again during the next lunar eclipse in October.

The night of April 14-15, the Moon will pass through the shadow of the Earth, resulting in a total eclipse of the Moon. Weather permitting, the entire event should be visible from Southern Ontario.

As shown in the diagram below, the Moon moves into the main shadow of the Earth (the umbra) just before 2:00 am and leaves it just after 5:30 am. Total eclipse starts at 3:06 and ends at 4:25 - lasting around 80 minutes.  


During totality, the Moon will take on an orangish appearance. It will still be visible but will be much dimmer than the normal full moon.

Lunar eclipses are totally safe to look at. Unlike solar eclipse when care must be taken not to stare at the partially eclipsed Sun without proper filters and eye protection, the light coming from the Moon is just reflected sunlight - which is being bocked by the Earth - so it is perfectly safe to look at the eclipse with the eye, with binoculars and telescopes.