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Astronomy Evening at Riverwood Tuesday April 8

  • Riverwood Conservancy 300 Riverwood Park Ln, Cooksville, ON L5C 2S7 (map)

This event is a GO tonight - 8:30.

Come out and observe the universe at the Riverwood Conservancy! Join members of the Mississauga Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada as they set up large telescopes to look at the Moon, planets and stars.


Observing will take place on the green in front of Chappelle House.

The event starts at dusk (8:30 pm) and is free and open to everyone.

Large telescopes will be set up and pointed at the Moon, the planets Jupiter, Mars and other objects beyond our solar system.

Look for meteors, artificial satellites and anything else in the skies over Mississauga.

Experts from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada will be there to answer your questions. Learn how to spot and identify bright stars and constellations.

Note: If the weather is cloudy, the observing will be delayed one day. Check this web site for GO/NO GO information on the afternoon of the 15th.

Follow these directions to get to Riverwood. Park in the large parking lot and walk to the Chappelle Green.


Riverwood Aug 28.jpg