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RASC Mississauga Centre Meeting February 24, 2017

  • University of Toronto Mississauga 3359 Mississauga Road Mississauga, ON, L5L 1C6 Canada (map)

The February 24th meeting of the RASC Mississauga Centre will feature a talk on the search for Antarctic meteorites

Talk Title: "Hunting meteorites at the End of the World"

Speaker: Dr. Marianne Mader, Royal Ontario Museum

Camping and working in the southernmost, coldest, highest, driest, windiest, least populated continent on Earth is no easy feat! Every year a team of meteorite hunters collects meteorites along the base of the Transantarctic Mountains . How do these explorers survive? What’s so special about these rocks? And why go all the way to Antarctica to find them? Come hear Dr. Marianne Mader, a participant of the 2012-2013 ANSMET (Antarctic Search for Meteorites) Program talk about her experience and then put yourself in her shoes by practicing a little meteorite hunting of your own!

Dr. Marianne Mader strives to enable curiosity and exploration. As the Managing Director for the Centres of Discovery in Earth & Space and Fossils & Evolution at the ROM, she helps people to understand the Earth, our solar system, and how life evolved over time. With over 12 years of field experience, Marianne has studied some of the oldest rocks on Earth in Greenland, explored impact craters across the globe, and most recently collected meteorites in Antarctica. She has collaborated with Western University’s Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration, the Canadian Space Agency, NASA, and MDA (Canada’s largest space company) to plan and execute simulated lunar and planetary exploration missions, as well as developing insights into planetary impact cratering processes. Marianne has MScs in both Space Studies and Earth Sciences, and a PhD in planetary science from Western University. She is a Visiting Lecturer at the International Space University.

The meeting will be held from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. at The University of Toronto,Mississauga Campus, in lecture hall SE2082 in the William Davis Building. The meeting is open to the public and is free.  

Enter off of Mississauga Road. Park in lot 4 or the parkade, across from the fitness centre south of theDavis Building. Enter through the Fitness centre, walk up the stairs untilyou reach the main corridor then turn right. (If you need an elevator,follow the corridor to the right of the stairs, then go up to the mainfloor.) Look for the Mississauga Centre sign in front of the lecture room. Directions are here.

Post meeting plans: we usually continue the discussion post-meeting at a local bar – please join us!