Mississauga Councillor Ron Starr Supports Planetarium Project

October 23, 2013

Mr. Randy Attwood,

President, The Earthshine Astronomy & Space Science Organization 

Dear Randy,

It is always satisfying to hear stories of the many educational endeavors organizations such as Earthshine undertake in the city especially where the youth is concerned. Any organization that promotes an environment fostering growth and development in our community is one I will readily support.

I share Earthshine's vision of commitment to developing a well-rounded, wholesome educational curriculum for elementary school students within the classroom, further enhanced by organizations like Earthshine outside the classroom. With its unique focus on promoting science and technology education through the astronomical sciences, Earthshine will be the first of its kind and a welcome addition to Mississauga.

I encourage people in our community to get involved with and support this project, as it is a great addition to our community and allows for the spread of innovative and beneficial science education.

I commend your efforts towards this goal and wish you the best of luck. I look forward to attending your "Exploring the Universe" presentation in the near future.



Ron Starr

Councillor Ward 6

Earthshine Support Letter (2).JPG