Flying along with the lunar shadow during the 2017 eclipse

Seems we are talking alot about solar eclipses lately - as seen from Mars and in four years from now - as seen from the USA. 

In this clever video, we travel across the USA during the August 21, 2017 total solar eclipse.  A couple of things to notice - you'll see that the shape of the shadow changes from ellipse to nearly circular - this is due to the changing altitude of the Sun/Moon.  THe lower the altitude, the more elliptical the shape.  An overhead eclipse would produce a circular shadow.

Also it is easy to see that cities along the edge of the shadow experience a shorter eclipse. You want to be on the red centre line to see the longest duration.  

In just over 90 minutes, the lunar shadow will cross the entire continent. 

For more information on this eclipse check out this eclipse site