Canadian Government Unveils a Framework For Future Space Exploration

The Canadian Government unveiled a framework for future Canadian Space Exploration yesterday.  The report entitled "Canada's Space Policy Framework - Launching the Next Generation" 

The announcement comes two months after the release of the Aerospace Review which pointed out the need for a national space policy such as the one just released.

Space Policy large.jpg

The five principles of this new policy framework are:

 1. Canadian Interests First
2. Positioning the Private Sector at the Forefront of Space activities
3. Progress Through Partnerships
4. Excellence in Key Capabilities
5. Inspiring Canadians

Funding was not specified but it does look like the Future of Canadian Space Exploration will lie in the private sector and not in the Canadian Space Agency. In a CBC report Canadian astronaut (retired) and MP Marc Garneau criticized the government for not providing enough funding for the space program.