Adam Evans

We were all shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of Earthshine Director Adam Evans earlier this month.

Adam has been on the Earthshine Board as a Director since 2012. He contributed much to the Board's activities, which included creating this web site. He was very passionate about astronomy, specifically astronomy education. Adam was excited about the prospects of us reaching our goal and seeing an astronomy facility built in Mississauga.



Adam was an accomplished astrophotographer. The photos he took such as this one of M51 are remarkable - even more so because he took them from his observatory in downtown Toronto!

We offer our sincere condolences to Adam's partner Allison, daughter Hazel, family and friends.

Ad Astra my friend. We will all miss you.

The Earthshine Board of Directors


Globe and Mail Toronto WEDNESDAY JANUARY 10, 2018

Our brilliant shining star first appeared on Christmas day 1975, but has suddenly and prematurely burned out 42 short years later, just after Christmas 2017
(January 4, 2018). Adam's stellar trajectory touched many with his kindness and consideration. The light that shone from his intellect was sweet and dazzling. His guitar and the singing from his soul comforted, thrilled and entertained wherever he travelled. Here on earth, we all stand in shocked disbelief at his sudden disappearance and implosion, leaving a huge hole in our sky. Adam leaves behind Alison, his soulmate of ten years and mother of his own new rising star, Hazel Frances Porter Evans who, having inherited his mind, is now attacking music with the same intensity that he showed at the age of five and who is avidly learning about the other incomparable stars in the universe. Others left gazing upward include his dear and close brother, Denham, with his wife, Laura and daughters, Lillian and Adelaide. Standing behind them are his parents, Helen and Paul, and the vast array of personal and business friends and associates at Google, Applanex, PCI Geomatics and around the world. His passion for astronomy is legendary. Working from his backyard observatory in downtown Toronto with the assistance of Sam, his dog, and a single malt, in spite of the light pollution, he captured extraordinary images of nebulae that were published in National Geographic et al. ( Adam gave his all to everything that he tackled. His star dust will be cast upon his beloved Belmont Lake as soon as it thaws. On Saturday, January 13th, there will be a gathering to honour Adam at the Steam-Whistle Brewery, Toronto from 2-6 p.m. Words will be spoken at 3 p.m.