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Introduction to astronomy course

What star is that? How can I spot Orion’s Belt?  How many planets can I see without a telescope?

Learn your way around the night sky. The Riverwood Conservancy, The Earthshine Astronomy and Space Science Organization and the Mississauga Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada are teaming up to offer a 4-week course on astronomy.

A four-evening introduction to astronomy course will take place at The Riverwood Conservancy. Upon completion the student will be able to identify the brighter stars and constellations,  

Call 905 279 5878 to register.

Upon completion the student will be able to identify the brighter stars and constellations, 

When: Thursday nights 7-9 pm September 17,24 October 1,8

Where: Chappelle House, The Riverwood Conservancy

Who can attend: anyone 10 years of age or older

Number: Class size limited to 40 people

Cost: $80 for four weeks (TRC, RASC members - $60)

* If the evening of the course is not cloudy, observing the night sky with telescopes will take place on the lawn in front of Chappelle House until 10 pm. This is free and optional for classparticipants. Telescopes will be provided by course instructors.

Course Syllabus

Class 1 – September 17

Introduction – what can we see in the night sky?

Using a star map – identifying the brighter stars and constellations

Class 2 – September 24

Observing the Moon – lunar phases, features

How to view the Total Lunar Eclipse of September 27

Safely observing the Sun

Class 3 – October 1

Identifying and observing the planets

The inner planets – Mercury and Venus

The outer planets – Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune

Using binoculars and telescopes – an introduction

Class 4 –October 8

Observing objects outside of the solar system

Taking photos of the night sky – astrophotography

Tools for observing – using electronic apps on your phone or tablet